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Moreton Bay Residential Electrician

Need A Reliable Residential Electrician or Cabler?

At Connected Electrical and Cablers, we not only prioritise promptly answering your call when you need a residential electrician at your home, but we are also committed to delivering top-notch service and expert advice while we’re there. If you’re looking for the same level of quality and reliability from your commercial electrician, we’re here to assist you with all your commercial electrical needs.

Do you want the same Quality and Reliability from your Commercial Electrician? we can help you there too.

Electrical Testing Morayfield

Electrical Inspections & Certificates

  • Home Electrical inspections for safety
  • Pre-purchase / Pre-sale Safety Inspections
  • Safety switches & Smoke Alarms Certificates for Investment properties and Rentals
Smoke Alarms Installation Morayfield

Smoke Alarm Installation & Checks

  • Home Electrical inspections for safety
  • Pre-purchase / Pre-sale Safety Inspections
  • Safety switches & Smoke Alarms Certificates for Investment properties and Rentals
Tracing Phone Cables On Residential Property

NBN & Internet Connections & Wiring

  • New Internet Cabling and Wiring for NBN upgrades
  • Relocation of data cabling and Modem cabling
  • Fault finding and repairs for bad internet connection and drop-outs
Residential Dining Room Lighting Installation

Smart Lights & Smart Home

  • Install smart light switches on existing lights 
  • Install smart power points
  • Connect Lights and Power to Siri or Google
  • Energy monitoring & Appliance Scheduling to help with electricity costs & reduce  Demand Price

Moreton Bay 24/7 After Hours Residential Electrician

Our team of residential electricians is available around the clock to assist you. If you’re facing an electrical emergency in the Moreton Bay area, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 breakdown number. One of our experienced members will be ready to help you promptly.

  • Power outages and Safety switch tripping faults
  • Electrical Inspections after storm damage
  • Energex reconnections requests
  • Rodent damaged cables, water in light fittings from rain or water leaks
Phone And Internet Setup On Residential Property


  • Add permanent data connections to a home office or wall TV
  • Install permanent WIFI access points & extenders for better WIFI signal
  • Permanent internet connection to a work shed or granny flat.
  • Fault finding and repairs for slow internet and drop-outs
Ev Charger Plugging Into Tesla

Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

  • Fast Electric Vehicle Charging cabling and Charger Installation and Upgrades
  • Smart Charging of Vehicles to prioritise Solar Production and save energy
  • Free Quotes for all upgrades.
Hot Water System Repair And Installation By Josh From Connected Electricians And Cablers

Hot Water Systems

  • Hot Water System Replacements & Electrical Faults 
  • Priority Same day Service for urgent ‘No Hot Water’
  • Replace Faulty Thermostat & Heating Element
  • Install a timer on the water heater for daytime solar heating
Cctv Security Setup On Gated Residential Property

Security Cameras

  • Licenced AND experienced in Designing and Installing quality security camera systems
  • Notifications on your phone for intruder alerts, delivery
  • We recommend and supply quality cameras and recorders for reliability and user-friendly phone app
Professionaly certified

Our Accreditations

Master Electrician Of The Year Winner 2021 South East Queensland
Master Electrician
Led Strip Lighting Installer
Smart Wiring For Smart Home Lighting And Power
Registered Data Cabler
Energy Monitoring Devices Installer For Energy Efficiency

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