Security Lights are a Great Foundation of a Secure Home Security System – 6 Questions to ask Before Installing them

Jan 5, 2023

Security Lights are a Great Foundation of a Secure Home Security System

Photo Of Security Lights Outside At A Pool At A Home In Bellmere, Queensland. Security Lights Are A Great Foundation Of A Secure Home Security System

[Pictured: Security Lighting Outside At A Pool At A Home.]

Like-minded homeowners and families in Moreton Bay Region often look for ways to improve home security. Its time to get lit, Bellmere! Dark, poorly lit homes have a greater risk of being targeted by intruders, no matter what the size of the property. For this reason, security lights have become so popular to ensure an added measure of protection for homes. It is often the first step homeowners take and is the foundation for home security systems.

What Our Clients Say About Security Lights

Grateful clients sleep better knowing that their concerns about effective security have been addressed through security lighting from the very first night of installation. They have shared experiences of their home security lighting instals:

  1. Client One: Told us that their security camera wasn’t able to catch a close-up of an intruder at their front door because the security lights scared them off before they got to the top of the driveway.
  2. Client Two: Shared that their home has never had a successful intrusion (unlike their neighbours homes) due to their home security lights  automatically “lighting the place up like a battleship” when intruders come close.
Bellmere Family At Their Home, Outside Spending Time Together Safely.

[Pictured: Bellmere Family At Their Home, Outside Spending Time Together Safely.]

Why Security Sensor Lights?

When considering which security system and technology is the most effective first line of defence, I reflect on the hundreds of security system installations that I’ve been involved with, including:

Josh Atkinson Electrical Contractor Bellmere Installing Lights

[Pictured: Josh Atkinson, Electrical Contractor In Bellmere, Installing Lights.]

  • Sensor Lights
  • Door Sensors
  • Card Readers
  • Analogue and Network CCTV Cameras
  • Window Sensors
  • PIR Sensors
  • Loud sirens and smart device push notifications

I have found that among these systems, the most basic foundational line of defence in home security is the good faithful ‘Sensor Light’.

Assuming that the ‘Sensor Lights’ are in optimal working condition and that the positioning angles of the sensors (also referred to as a motion detector) cover all entry points to the home, they can be the most cost-effective and low maintenance, home security option available. 

Sensor Lights Could Be The Perfect Solution To Keep Intruders Away

To a burglar, when given the choice between two identical homes, the darker, more poorly lit homes provide a much easier and attractive target for approach. Sensor lights have been tested and proven to be effective over many installations and many happy clients.

They are easily available on the market and can be designed and installed to fit your home’s needs. As an Electrical Contractor, I take the greatest care to design and install your security lights in the hope that you may sleep as safe and soundly as we do at our home with our home security lights.

[Pictured: Home with light and dark contrast, showing a burglar targeting the darkly lit home. Connected Electricians and Cablers Logo Get Lit Bellmere – Security Lighting for your home safety system]

6 Questions to Answer Before Installing Your Security Light System

Here are 6 questions to help you decide what the best security lighting solution is to make your home more secure in the Moreton Bay Region: 

Pro tip: Remember, if you can imagine it, and describe it, there is a product and wiring design to implement it. We can help you out with this in Bellmere!

Okay, here are the 6 questions to help you out:

  1. How large is your home frontage and back yard? (Motion detectors have a maximum range of detection from 3m up to 18m)
  2. What are the possible entry points that burglars could approach your doors and windows? (Think Home-Alone-Style burglars)
  3. What objects are available for intruders to use as cover? (motion detectors need line-of-sight to trigger)
  4. What additional features could you use for your security lighting? (For example, do you need access lighting to automatically provide illumination along pathways and driveways for visitors? Or functional task lighting to help when hanging out the washing? Or lights for servicing the pool equipment after dark?)
  5. Is your home already lit up well enough outside and therefore only needs the additional functionality of motion detectors to be added and connected?
  6. How much control would you like to have of your security lighting?

Depending on how you answered these questions, each homeowner will have specific security lighting needs. We can help you design and install the best type of security lighting for your home. It will provide you with the preferred coverage level of motion detection and a sufficiently bright level of illumination. Commercial And Industrial Electrician

Outdoor Motion Sensor For Security Lighting

Outdoor Motion Sensor For Security LightingPopular Security Lighting for Smaller Homes

A popular security lighting layout for smaller homes is to add LED downlights under the eaves and soffits at the front, rear and sides of a home. Then, we connect two separate motion detectors covering the front and back door. This is effective to stop intruders in their tracks when they approach from either door. All of the connected lights are triggered when motion is detected.

Popular Security Lighting for Larger Homes

Led Downlights Suitable For Outside And Able To Be Connected To Motion Detectors For Security LightingLed Flood Light Which Can Be Connected To Motion Detectors For Security LightingFor a larger home with long driveways and big yards, two motion detectors and LED downlights alone might not provide enough motion detection coverage and light ‘flooding’ of the space.

It would be ideal to connect additional motion detectors and carefully positioned  LED flood lights or spotlights to the small home security lighting system that was outlined above. This will provide adequate lighting coverage to protect your property.

Security Lighting Control

One aspect of security lighting that is often neglected is the controls. The best solution provides the owner with full control of the sensor lights at all times. It also has added flexibility of disabling them with a flick of a switch. 

Smart Lighting And Controlinstall Smart Lighting And Control Onto Your Already Existing Lights And Electrical Equipment Of All Types. Set Your Air Conditioner To Turn On Automatically When You Come Home. Make All Your Lights Turn Off Automatically When You Leave. “Hey Siri, Sleep Mode”

[Pictured: Smart Lighting And Control, Install Smart Lighting And Control Onto Your Already Existing Lights And Electrical Equipment Of All Types.]

Before you order your security lights, consider asking your installing electrician to add a 3 position switch so that you can easily bypass the motion detectors to:

  1. Disable the outside lights (for example during a party when you want to light the birthday candles.) 
  2. Turn all the outside lights on permanently (for example when you have visitors coming and you want to leave the lights on so that your house is easy to find.)
  3. Sensor Control Mode – the lights will only switch on and off automatically when motion is detected in the detection areas.

Perfect Security Lighting Solution for You

No matter if you live in a smaller home, or whether you have an acreage or bigger property, there are many available options for outdoor home security lights. You may find that many are very cost effective too. We can help you design anything you need for your unique security lighting idea and home security system.

Pro tip: Bang for Your Buck 

To get the most bang for your buck, and the lowest cost for ongoing maintenance, make sure that you only purchase quality motion detectors and lights

Only Purchase Quality Motion Detectors And Lights From Reputable Manufacturers. Many Manufacturers Offer On-Site Warranties For Their Motion Sensors And Lights, So That You Can Rest Assured That If They Fail (Which Some Unfortunately Do), You Won’t Be Out Of Pocket Getting Them Repaired Or Replaced.

Pictured: House At Night With Many Outside Lighting. Quote Saying: Make Sure You Only Purchase Quality Motion Detectors And Lights From Reputable Manufacturers.]

from reputable manufacturers. Many manufacturers offer on-site warranties for their motion sensors and lights, so that you can rest assured that if they fail (which some unfortunately do), you won’t be out of pocket getting them repaired or replaced. Also, be sure to look for an Electrical Contractor that offers a lifetime guarantee on their workmanship!

Lights are Burglars’ Enemy

A pro tip: Look out for your lights or security lighting suddenly not working outside.

“Lights are burglars’ enemy,” says Joel Logan, COO of Las Vegas-based Reliance Security. “In lights, they can be seen.” A thief who’s planning to break in might unscrew the bulbs around your house so they don’t turn on and reveal the burglar. Check the bulbs if your lights stop working suddenly. If they’re unscrewed but aren’t burnt out, a thief might be scoping your home.

Conclusion: Get Lit

To wrap things up, I love installing security systems, and especially security lighting for customers. They provide peace of mind to families and scare the living daylights (excuse the pun) out of intruders. If you have any questions about the best option for you, be sure to contact us for help on:

  • WhatsApp
  • Social Media
  • Email or give us a call.

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We are happy to help you find the perfect home security lighting solution for you. And remember, be sure to look into all the options before you purchase your security lighting system. 

Keep well and be well connected with us in the Bellmere and Moreton Bay region.

– Connected Electricians and Cablers

p.s. Check out our recent reel about Security Lights:

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