5 Revealing Questions You NEED answered by your Licenced Electrical Contractor

Dec 21, 2022

A ‘Cashy’ from a Licenced electrician could end up costing you more!

Why hire a Licenced Electrical Contractor? It’s very tempting to pay for “a cashy job” AKA a “cheap job” when you require new powerpoints or lights in your home. Workmen who offer such deals might not be able to provide the required documentation to comply with your insurance provider or those required by law for electrical work in QLD, because it is illegal to do electrical work for others in QLD without giving them a certificate (like this one, shown below), it could cause you, your family and your wallet harm in the long run

Licensed Electrician Contractor

Example Certificate From A Licenced Electrical Contractor

Why are some Electrical Quotes so cheap?

When comparing prices from others, you may be shocked to learn that some quotes could be less than half the cost of other quotes. There are many factors that go into pricing for electrical work. To help you decide who is the best option for the job, and what price is right, here are 5 VITAL questions you must ask about before hiring an electrician, or a seemingly unbeatable price could be a lesson hard learned for you and your wallet. 


Here are five questions to ask your electricians before you ask for a quote.

If the answer is NO to any of the following questions, be aware, this might end up costing you more in the long run.


1. Are you a Licenced Electrical Contractor?

There are major differences between a Licenced Electrical Contractor and a Licenced Electrical Worker.
Licenced Electrical Contractor Image Photo Of Licence

To become a Licenced Electrical Contractor, it requires extra experience and qualifications. Once licensed electricians have put in the time and work to become an Electrical Contractor, they are more qualified and are able to build a team that works together for electrical operations.


Licenced Electrical Contractors take on additional responsibility including the following:
  • Become a “Nominated Electrician in charge” who oversees the creation of safe systems of work and the supervision and training of all electricians and apprentices working for them (referred to as the ‘Qualified Technical Personin the Electrical Safety Act 2002)
  • Are awarded certification by a registered training organisation after completing additional prescribed courses and practical assessments to qualify for nomination, which are above and beyond those required of licenced electrical workers.
  • They have the highest duty of care to ensure that all of their electricians are up to date in such critical matters as: Australian Standards, legislation and safety codes of practice


Additionally, a Licenced Electrical Contractor also nominates a ‘Qualified Business Person‘ who is in charge of and oversees “the development and maintenance of business systems and processes that ensure the economic viability and risk management relevant to conducting electrical work.” The qualified businessperson has also been certified by a registered training organisation after completing prescribed courses over and above that of electrical licenced workers.

To sum it up for you, Licenced Electrical Contractors can work independently due to their additional qualifications and experience, Licensed Electricians however, cannot legally independently work and need to have all of their work completed within the boundaries set by an electrical contractor. Without these boundaries the work could become potentially hazardous and cost you more down the track. 


2. Is Your Insurance Policy Up to Date?

In Queensland, Licenced Electrical Contractors always hold a minimum of  $5 Million dollars public liability and a $50,000 consumer protection insurance policy. So, if there are ever any accidents on your job and your property is affected (or even worse someone gets hurt), you can be rest assured that you are protected and compensated when this answer is a YES. It should be YES every time. 


3. Are Your Staff Licenced and Trained?

Connectedcablerourstory 01

Electrical Contractors have a primary duty of care, to ensure that all staff are not only licenced but must also be properly trained for each task that they need to perform.

This means that, with the added potential to be held liable for any injuries and accidents caused by workers, customers have the benefit of knowing that the electricians that are sent out are much more likely to have been adequately trained and are properly supported behind the scenes to provide quality service and solutions.


4. Do You Supply Parts from Reputable Manufacturers with More Than the Minimum Guaranties Required by Consumer Laws?

When an Electrical Contractor sells you services and products, they are required by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) to set guarantees (including warranties) of all parts sold for a minimum of 12 months from time of sale.

When parts fail, it costs the Electrical Contractor money (that they cannot charge you) which is an added incentive to provide only the best quality parts that they can install with confidence.   For ‘cashy on the side’ Electrical Workers, there is no incentive to provide quality parts as there are no consumer guarantees that need apply to an ‘off the book’ cash sale. Their guarantees finish the moment they walk out the door.

For a quality product and best after sale service, trusted electrical contractors will also have the support of their local electrical wholesalers with replacement stock on hand and ready to go.


5. Do you have a lifetime guarantee on your workmanship?

This one is a BIGGY. When electrical devices stop working, the cause is either a faulty part, or a faulty installation.

Licensed Electrician Contractor

If the part has failed because of faulty workmanship (which causes a reduced lifespan of the product), a reputable electrical contractor will use it as an opportunity to improve and update training, and to improve installation procedures within the business. 

Others, (those who quote you a cashy, for example) may charge you to fix it and keep doing what they’re doing just to make more CASH. They will keep coming back and dent your wallet’s lifespan too. 

By hiring a trusted and licenced electrical contractor, you are assured that they have incentives to invest  and rectify the job (even after the 12 months minimum warranty term has expired*)



There you have it. To save you in the long run, be sure to hire a Licenced Electrical Contractor who answers YES to all the above questions. You will be in the best hands and have a quality product, installed by someone who will take the time to be thorough, and answer your call if anything goes wrong, long after they have walked out the front door.. 

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