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Smoke Alarms

Stay connected and in control of your property with our security camera system installation service. These systems provide continuous monitoring and protection of your home or business. With our installation services for residential and commercial properties, you can remotely view and protect your premises from your phone, ensuring peace of mind and complete protection for your property.

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Moreton Bay Smoke Alarm Services

Protect Your Home & Business with Smoke Alarms

Ensure the safety and compliance of your property with our comprehensive smoke alarm installation and servicing solutions. From home electrical inspections aimed at enhancing safety to pre-purchase and pre-sale safety inspections, at Connected Electricians and Cablers we offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, our expertise extends to providing safety switches and smoke alarms certificates for investment properties and rentals, ensuring the protection of occupants and compliance with regulations.

Trust us to deliver peace of mind through thorough inspections and professional servicing, safeguarding your property and those who reside within it.

Expert Solutions for Peace of Mind

Beeping or Chirping Sounds Driving You Crazy?

Are you constantly disturbed by the beeping and chirping of your smoke alarms? At Connected Electricians and Cablers, we understand the frustration caused by these disruptive noises. Our team understands the importance of addressing these issues promptly to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Whether it’s a low battery warning, intermittent chirping, or frequent false alarms, our experienced technicians are here to diagnose the problem and provide effective solutions. We offer comprehensive maintenance checks to keep your smoke alarms in optimal condition and can recommend advanced technology upgrades for enhanced reliability. Don’t let nuisance alarms compromise your safety – contact Connected Electricians and Cablers today for expert assistance in resolving smoke alarm issues and ensuring the continued protection of your home or business.

Stay Up to Date with Fire Safety

Are Your Smoke Alarms Compliant?

In 2017, the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services Act mandated upgrades to residential fire safety. From 2022, all homes must comply, requiring photoelectric smoke alarms (AS 3786-2014), interconnected for synchronised sound, in every bedroom, hallway, and on every level. By 2027, full compliance is required.

Connected Electricians and Cablers offers swift, expert smoke alarm installation services to ensure your home meets these vital safety standards. Contact us today for peace of mind and optimal protection against fire hazards.

Residential Security Camera Installation Service Done By Connected Electricians And Cablers

Smoke Alarms for Property Owners

Own an Investment Property or Rental?

For landlords managing rental properties in Queensland, compliance with the current QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation is not just a legal obligation but also essential for ensuring the safety of tenants and avoiding potential penalties. Failure to meet these requirements could result in the property being ineligible for lease and may lead to fines.

While landlords can undertake the responsibility of testing and compliance themselves, it’s not advisable, as it may risk voiding property insurance. Additionally, for rental properties that haven’t been recently constructed or renovated, it’s likely that existing smoke alarms will need replacement to meet compliance standards.

Get in touch with our team at Connected Electricians and Cablers to find out more about how we can help you with your investment property or rental.

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Stay in the loop with what’s happening on your property. Our advanced camera systems offer motion detection capabilities that can alert you to potential intruders, deliveries, and more,

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